Traveling Parents

Couple Travel – You Go – I Stay!

I know it is almost impossible to leave your children with a stranger if you need to go on a business trip. But there are times when you must go and no relative or close friend can come to help out.

I promise to do my best to help you be comfortable with this decision. As a mother to my own children, I know how hard it is to make these difficult decisions. I can provide you references that will make me look like your guardian angel! I will get the kids to school activities, grocery shop, keep the house straightened (you will come home to a house that looks just like you left it!) nurture, give hugs and kisses in your name, and email you if possible every day to tell you about their day. I know how to cope with emergencies! Once I even called a plumber for a pipe that leaked during the night and dripped down to the down stairs oriental carpet. I managed to drag the carpet outside and kept flipping to dry it out without molding. As a home owner myself, I know about all the things that can go wrong with a house, and I know how to deal with things.

As a travel nanny that comes to you as you go on a couple’s vacation or join your spouse for a business trip, I can give you peace of mind. I have several clients where I come back once a year so they can take a couple’s vacation. It’s always gratifying when the kids remember me (although sometimes I think they’re most interested in seeing what new and exciting things my nanny bag holds for them this time!).