How do you know you can trust me?

I have excellent references – but then you expected that, right?

I have worked for high profile people where confidentiality is a must and for families squeezed into a one room too small house. However, I treat all families with equal respect and service.

Trust… Wow! That is a hard one. You can run a background check on me, check out my driver’s license, run a social security check on me. In fact, you have more options checking me out than I do you! In the end, it is our ability to communicate with one another that will give the final insight. I ask clients not to call my references unless they are seriously interested in hiring me. I have worked for some great families and I don’t want to take advantage of them. However, choosing a few out of my list to talk to when that time comes, will demonstrate to you my trustworthiness.

We both take a leap of faith here. I have to trust you will pay me, treat me decently, and that what you have told me about your family is the truth. I appreciate the difficult decision it is to hire someone you have not met. I am always available for home interviews, but most families find this added expense not necessary.


This family from Australia found me via my website and we just completed an amazing
journey where I flew to Perth, Australia to meet them and then we began the journey back via Hawaii, San Francisco and finally said goodbye in Boston so Anna could spend a month with her family in Maine.  A month late I met them in Boston and we began the journey back.    We had emailed back and forth so much that I truly felt like we were friends by the time I came.  The children were amazing, sweet and I loved to listen to their little Aussie acent!
When Parents write you notes like this, you fall in love with what you do all over…
Dear Donna, 
I wanted to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for my family. Charlotte and Oliver fell in love with you the second they met you, and as testament to that, wanted to spend time with you. Your experience with travelling with kids, the tricks you had up your sleeve to educate, calm, distract, amuse, and relax us ( oh and the kids too), made our arduous journey around the world very easy indeed. 
Your unending energy is amazing! I don’t know how you do it? 
It is rare that someone can walk into your life and become an immediate part of your family. You have a gift for dealing with children and stressed parents and we are forever grateful. I am actually looking forward to our next trip, which is something I was convinced I would never say.
Tim, Anna, Charlotte and Oliver

Note from parents leaving four of their children with me as they went out of the country to adopt:

We found Donna Robinson and how fortunate we were! She instantly fit into our family and were very comfortable having here there. She is very organized and is very professional about her job. She is loving and warm with the children and they took to her like a magnet…….All our children thoroughly enjoyed her. She spent 3 ½ weeks working 24 hours day and kept things running smoothly.
Andy and LeeAnn Mill, Colorado

Donna Robinson is the nanny of the year! She has boundless enthusiasm, un-ending energy, compassion, playfulness and is a storyteller extraordinaire! She uses good judgment, is not afraid to set limits, expresses love but still enforces discipline. While traveling with our family she has been very open to new experiences, creative in her approach to problem solving and gives us enough privacy while still being available to help out in whatever way she can. And the kids just love her! 

— Barbara K. of

Donna, the coolest nanny any one could have! She tells the best stories u ever heard. She cooks good. She is always fun to play with and u can talk to her about anything. In every way she is just the best! Get yourself a super nanny today!! — Nik age 13
Donna tells me good stories and even makes me be (a character) in the story sometimes. She is really fun and never gets mad. She gives me hugs. — Max, age 8

(Nik is  now graduated from college and Max is in his first year of Culinary School!  And yes, we’re still friends! )