Contracts, Payments, Rates

 My salary and air expense can be paid by check. I also accept Venmo or Zelle. 

Check must clear before contract is confirmed.

Clients outside of the United States pay my deposit by certified or bank check in US dollars.  

In dealing with parents this year, I realize there are requirements for nannies such as contracts that confuse you, deposit requirements that scare you, etc. I am posting here questions that are commonly asked. Please feel free to email me with other questions you think should be answered here.

Why do you require a contract? How much is the deposit and why do you require it?

My contract is very simple. It states the dates we have agreed for my services. It gives the agreed amount of payment for services. It provides a place for the parents to list any items they would like included.

Most parents have no problem with the above. It is the last line that worries folks. It simply says:

“I understand this contract is not validated until it is signed and received with a deposit of $__________. It is understood that if the contract is cancelled by you, the deposit is non-refundable. If the contract is cancelled by me, a full refund will be given.”

The reasons for the above are simple. I often talk to several clients in the same time span. I don’t want to turn down clients on verbal agreements. If you change your mind, I have eliminated good people. Once I receive the contract, I am committed to you. This means if someone else calls me even with a higher rate of pay, I turn them down!

The amount of the deposit depends on the time span between the contract signed date and the start date. The deposit gives me partial protection for lost salary if you change your mind. 

Maybe your dilemma is you are planning several months in advance and first thing is childcare issues.  Before you plan, you want to make sure you are covered.  But maybe you are looking at a range of dates.  I offer, at no charge, for clients to request a tentative hold if they are serious about my services.  This means any one can look at these dates and ask for them but you have first right to commit or give up dates.   

How do I know you will come once you receive my money? What guarantee do I have?

This is my business and my reputation. A deposit is only partial payment. Obviously I want to do the job so I can get paid the rest! That motivation on my part is the best guarantee I can offer.


I know that parents like to know right up front what to expect in cost. Even if you really like someone, why waste your time if you can’t afford her? I am always willing to listen to your needs and budget concerns. If you have taken the time to research and find your way here, then it’s worth emailing me your needs for a rate quote.

The main reason I hate to quote rates on my site is that I feel each family represent different needs. Within each category there will be factors that control rates such as number and ages of children, what you need–stay home with children–travel with the family, etc.  However, let me clarify a few points about what you have to cover to book a travel nanny.  Airfare:  This is the round trip airfare for your vacation site.  Round trip from my house to yours. Lodging but keep in mind if I do a 24 hour rate, I can be in the room with the child/children.  Food!  Usually I am eating with the children and since I can eat just about anything, I am not a picky or expensive eater! 

While the IRS puts nannies into the domestic category making parents responsible for taxes, I consider Travel Nanny Services to be in a gray area. To cover myself, my rates include the parent’s portion of dedicated taxes and I file my taxes quarterly. It makes my expenses higher but the convenience to the family makes it worth it. I realize some travel nannies do “cash on the side” deals.  I believe a business should be legitimate and pay taxes.

So what have you to lose?  Email me your ideas and needs and we can discuss prices.   You will find I am probably the most reasonable professional travel nanny around.   I simply love to travel and try to make my services affordable.

Big question:  Do I accept credit cards?  I am such a small business that while I will accept credit cards, they come with a 3.2 surcharge. Unless from outside of the USA, my clients usually pay by personal check, Zelle or Venmo.