The World of the Traveling Nanny

The International Nanny Association

Proudly Presents
Donna Robinson – The Traveling Nanny
As their 2008 Nanny of the Year

(Read about her journey to this award)

2008 Nanny of the Year


In 2008 I was nominated by the Agah Family and chosen by the International Nanny Association to be their Nanny of the Year.  At that time, I was the only specialty nanny to be chosen for this honor.  I continue to attend their annual conference whenever possible.  Each year I have the opportunity to continue learning about this amazing world of childcare.

I bring to the world of travel the knowledge that can help you navigate airports, help with long airplane rides and keep everyone’s spirits in tune!

Whether it is for business or pleasure, travel should be as stress free as possible.  Take a moment and look around my site to see how I can help you build wonderful family moments.

Years ago web designers told me that I had “too much information” but I felt I was in an area of childcare where there would never be too much information.

Since you have made it this far, take a moment and look over the types of travel I can cover for you.  My motto is This is YOUR Vacation -Not Mine!It guarantees your needs come first.

You know you are curious, so take a look around!


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Traveling to all 50 states… and beyond!