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Traveling Nanny

Oh, the Adventures We Can Have!

Who needs one? After all, your sister’s friend’s college student daughter said she would do it for practically nothing! Unfortunately, your sister’s friend’s daughter thought this was her vacation too, and you ended up feeling you had another child with you to entertain.

Travel is definitely one of my passions. In 2003, I came to the a family in Westport, Ct to help with their two month old daughter. I came for an eight week contract and stayed 3 years! It was a most unusual arrangement as I would still take off for my other jobs, get a sub for me and come back.  Why? Because for three years I got to travel with them to places I couldn’t even dream of visiting. I learned a lot of valuable tips along the way.

Oh, the places our luggage can go!

While that is the ideal conditions, I have often met my family at the airport if it is a family I have worked for before and the children are excited to see me.  

A good travel nanny helps keep the family’s stress level down as they get to the airport, go through security and wait for flights that may be delayed, so that the trip can start without everyone being frazzled. I am always looking as we walk for restrooms, keeping the time schedule in mind so babies are changed and toddlers/children have a chance to use the restroom before boarding. I don’t mind that you’re in business class and I’m in coach with the children. A good travel nanny understands jet lag and can offer you tips on how to help children adjust.

Dress up night on the cruise ship

When the time comes you just want a family day, I know how to disappear and entertain myself. I am always cheerful and positive no matter what the situation.

Yes, it is more expensive when you have to include another person’s airfare, food, lodging and salary. But you have already invested in taking this great vacation, so consider this expense your insurance policy!

Nanny Donna and her Aussie Lad Ollie

Every nanny may want to travel, but the reality is that it is hard work to make sure your family has a great time. I take that responsibility very seriously.

Sometimes my clients have said, “But we don’t go anywhere exotic, it’s usually Disney World or travel in the US!” After the Las Vegas trip, I took a side trip to the Grand Canyon so I could talk with parents on US adventures. The Whitney family and I did a car trip from Atlanta, GA to Asheville, NC, and we had a blast! I can say without any reservation that traveling in the US is wonderful! There are so many terrific things here to show our children!

So while the college student may say she wants the job, the question is: can she do the job?