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Photo Gallery

First Time Skiers Did Great!


Stephens Family Road Trip

Mt. Attitash, New Hampshire

My sweet Aussie Lassie Charlotte

Oh, the fun you have

and the places you see

When you take along

a nanny like me!

My Wonderful Australian Family relaxing in Hawaii

My Drew and Olivia practicing their beats!

Nanny Donna and her Husband Climbing the Sydney Bridge!

Made it to Casablanca!

Fez, Moracco–Traveled together for 5 years…

Family Vacation: My two sons on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Olivia shows some style in Bahamas

Stephens Family Road Trip to Baltimore–A great city for kid “things”

My Drew is now 7 and Olivia 3. Been traveling with this family since Drew was `5 months old.  This is our 6th time traveling together on a great Amsterdam to Russia Cruise!

Xander – Christopher’s Twin – My Little Thinker

Christopher – Xander’s Twin – My Busy Guy!

Parent’s Note after a couple’s vacation: I really can’t begin to thank you enough for all you did for Grayson! We consider you more like family than a nanny! I know he loves you as much as we do! We are all going to have fun watching him grow up!



My sweet 6 month old Rayaan from Dubai